About Us

Founded in 1963, the American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC) is a non-profit organization oriented around raising the standards and image of professional agricultural consultants. ASAC is the only association representing the full range of agricultural consultants.

Our membership includes professionals in the areas of:

    Food Processing
    Farm Management
    Irrigation Systems
    GPS/GIS Systems

Agricultural consultants provide the highest quality management consulting services to businesses of rural America. Consistent with other agribusiness professionals, the consultant values honesty and fair dealing in a manner which promotes the personal growth of their customers, employees, and shareholders.

The consultant advises clients on business decisions about the current operation of, and future opportunities for, the client’s enterprise. Consultants may focus on financial matters, business structure, human relations, business succession planning, personnel management, or production and operations issues.

The agricultural consultant role is the fastest growing in the agriculture industry. The consultant role is becoming more and more critical as agriculture enters the fast paced era of technology, specialization, mergers, and reformation.

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