Code of Ethics

    A member is distinguished by the independence, objectivity and moral concern by which his/her business affairs are conducted.

    A member will accept only those engagements he/she is qualified to undertake and which, in light of this knowledge and experience, are in the best interests of his/her clients.

    A member can be depended upon to serve his/her clients with true professional honesty; he/she will refuse to serve under terms or conditions that may impair his/her independence, objectivity or integrity.

    A member respects and guards as confidential any information obtained from clients which is of a sensitive and confidential nature.

    A member will serve two or more competing clients at the same time on problems of conflicting nature only with their full knowledge.

    A member shall not accept or pay fees for referral of clients, nor will he/she accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from persons or companies whose products, equipment or services he/she may recommend to clients during the course of an engagement without full disclosure to the client.

    A member shall always respect the rights of his/her fellow consultants negotiating for professional work or advancement; he/she may use all honorable means in competition for an assignment.

    A member will condemn unethical or illegal conduct by other consultants and shall report any information of these principals to the Society’s Committee on Grievances for proper investigation and action.

    A member shall promote his/her services in a professionally dignified manner, being careful to avoid inaccuracies or misleading statements.

    A member recognizes that the Society’s Code of Ethics signifies a voluntary assumption of the obligation of self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of the law. By it he/she strives to uphold the honor and maintain the dignity of his/her profession.