FarmSmart Newsletter – March 2014

The FarmSmart newsletter is available for March 2014. Read it here.

Farmer’s Edge Newsletter – April 2014

The Farmer’s Edge newsletter is available for April 2014.  Read it here.

FarmSmart Newsletter – February 2014

The FarmSmart newsletter is available for February 2014. Read it here.

Newsletter – Winter 2014

Here is the newsletter for Winter 2014.

Winter 2014 ASAC Newsletter.pdf

The Farmer’s Edge – January 2014

Hurley & Associates has published its newsletter, The Farmer’s Edge, for January 2014. Download it.


Prescription Crop Nutrition: My How the Game has Changed for Corn Production

Your Circle of Trusted Advisors

Global Markets Roiled by Chinese Liquidity Problems as US Federal Reserve Expected to Stay on Course to Reduce Stimulus

Lots of Unknowns for 2014 but Bearish Sentiment Abounds

Finally in the Farm Bill End Zone

Courage Call

The Farmer’s Edge – December 2013

Hurley & Associates has published its newsletter, The Farmer’s Edge, for December 2013. Download it.


The Heart of the Mission Statement

For Unto Us a Child is Born

Progress with Iranian Stalemate and Other Economic Thoughts

A View from Forty Years Working with Farmers

Farm Bill Conference Committee Misses Target Date, but Work Goes On

The Challenge of Developing a Confident Market Plan that Works


FarmSmart Newsletter – November 2013

The FarmSmart Newsletter is available for November 2013.  Read it here.


Integration Disintegration

The Upgrades are Coming

Let’s Integrate

Financial Boot Camp

Managerial Accounting

December Free Webinars

Q&A: Find Scanned Documents

50 Years in Perspective: ASAC, The Standard of Integrity

Dear Colleague:

It is with very great pleasure that I present this special book commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants …. The Standard of Integrity, 1963 – 2013.

The book is very much a first-person narrative written by and about a very special and unique group of professionals who shared a vision of taking select colleagues from around the industry and elevating their status based on a higher standard of business ethic — to raise the bar, using today’s vernacular — high above that of other organizations serving agriculture. This very special community of specialists became and is the American Society of Agricultural Consultants.

I do hope you can find the time to read the book from cover to cover. You will either develop a new understanding of the uniqueness of ASAC, or your experience as an ASAC member will be reinforced by the heritage that is the Society. For sure you should have a sense of invigorated enthusiasm for the book and those professionals who make up the heart of this unique organization.

If you would like a hardcopy of the book, please contact our Executive Vice President at Copies are available on a limited basis. We only ask a $20 contribution to cover the costs of printing and postage.


Russell D. Morgan, CAC

Download ASAC 50th Anniversary Book

Conference Presentations Available for Download

Attendeees at our Muddy Boots Conference got lots of great information, and we’re reprinting a lot of it right here, with the permission of our presenters. We’ve converted their presentations to PDF format to make them easier to download and more compatible with various devices.

Where is the Money — Terry Betker

Toying with Technology — Willie Vogt

Sharing the Story — Mace Thornton

Immigration and Agriculture — USDA Presentation

Feeding the world — Dr. Robert Thompson

Changing role of ag consultants — David Kohl

Are you Selling or Consulting? — Jay Vroom

An Overview of Consulting Industry by Rich Keller

This month’s issue of the Farm Smart newsletter features information on harvest data, and a 2013-14 trade show schedule.

You can see the full issue here.