Certified Agricultural Consultant (CAC) Checklist

Track your progress towards earning the CAC designation:

• Five years’ agricultural consulting experience. (One year experience is a calendar year during which a person spends not less than 1,600 hours as follows: At least 600 hours of the 1,600 must be spent consulting in an agricultural or agribusiness situation for a fee or a salary. The individual shall have inspected agricultural businesses and assembled and analyzed sufficient data to arrive at objective decisions which are set out in detailed written or oral reports. The balance must be spent in a field related to agricultural consulting.)

• A four-year college degree, or equivalent. (The four-year college degree equivalent may be accomplished by passing the Graduate Management Admissions Test [GMAT] or another generally recognized test for college equivalency acceptable to the Membership Review Committee and approved by the ASAC Board. It may also be fulfilled by any combination of college credit and agricultural consulting experience totaling four years.)

• Provide references from three separate sources who have been clients for whom consulting services have been provided for a fee.

• Attend one ASAC Annual Conference

• Have achieved a minimum of 16 ours of approved continuing education in the previous 12 months including a recognized course or program on Business Ethics (2 hours CE minimum).

• Hold current membership in ASAC prior to submitting an application for Certification.

• Complete the CAC Application and submit the appropriate fees.