About ASAC

The American Society of Agriculture Consultants (ASAC) is a non-profit organization whose members represent a diverse range of disciplines in the agriculture industry. ASAC's membership is comprised primarily of experienced consultants boasting a wide array of expertise.Their business models range from sole proprietorships to leadership roles in larger, multi-consultant organizations covering a wide geographical area.

Growing and\or building a successful consulting practice takes more than just expertise in a particular field.Members benefit from continuing education in a variety of topics related to agriculture as well as topics related to practice management.

Community, Not Competition

ASAC is more than education, however, ASAC is a community. Members aren't competitors; they are there to support, uplift and provide sounding boards to one another. What they share makes them stronger and better able to provide enhanced value to their clients. Members are passionate about helping one another succeed and servicing the needs of their customers.

High Standards

When a customer hires an ASAC consultant they know that they are engaging someone with integrity that adheres to a strict code of ethics.

ASAC fosters an environment that supports leadership, integrity and professional development as outlined by our mission statement.

The standards and experience represented by ASAC members are primary reasons customers benefit from hiring ASAC members.

ASAC members come from a multitude of backgrounds and specialties.

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