Why get certified?

Agricultural consultants are professional problem-solvers and advisers employed by the agricultural community. Clients include farmers, growers, landowners, conservation organizations and public bodies.

One value to CAC certification is the opportunity for differentiation. According to online-source Manta, 3,398 companies are listed as agricultural consultants in the United States and there are 146,568 commercial farms with $500,000 or more in sales. These farms require the expertise that Certified Agricultural Consultants (CACs) can provide.

While not all Agricultural Consultants market their services directly to farms, these statistics still indicate a competitive market. In such a competitive market, differentiation (setting yourself apart) is critical for success.

Certification is a distinctive method of differentiation; it shows achievement of professional standards and accountability not only in achieving, but also in maintaining certification. Likewise, certification differentiates an agricultural consultant by demonstrating an adherence to a strict code of business ethics and standards.

CAC Certification Becomes Another Business Asset

As an agricultural consultant, your business assets are largely comprised of your knowledge and expertise. Your saleable inventory is the ability to express, share and relate that knowledge/expertise to clientele in addressing their particular matters. Certification may not guarantee possession of particular expertise assets. However, it does provide evidence of technical competency and the ability to transfer your competency to clientele. Therein, certification enhances the marketability of your slate of services.

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