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The Certified Agricultural Consultant (CAC)

The Certified Agricultural Consultant (CAC) designation is the highest level of achievement a member can reach in the ASAC organization. Certification ensures that consultant service is delivered with the highest standards, integrity and quality.

Members attain the distinguished CAC designation by participating in a rigorous program designed by ASAC to uphold and ensure standards in the quality of service provided to clients by members. The CAC designation is the premier mark of professionalism and excellence for agricultural consultants.

The consulting courses offered by ASAC provide the fundamental tools for the delivery of technical expertise and the management of consulting businesses, whether an independent, a multi-person firm, or a large corporation. These courses enhance skills needed for success in the world of professional agricultural consulting. Members enjoy a tremendous opportunity to network with industry leaders, and access to the latest information and technologies.

American Society of Agricultural Consultants

ASAC Requirements for obtaining / retaining the Certified Agricultural Consultant (CAC) Designation

  1. Membership
    1. Minimum of 2 years
  2. Operational requirements (current Bylaws – may be updated in 2022)
    1. Compensation is not subsidized or supplemented with revenue from sale of any product recommended by the consultant (under review)
    2. No more than ten percent (10%) of the income of the member‘s or member‘s employer shall come from the sale of any product or products that may be recommended by the consultant (under review)
    3. The consultant does not have a conflict of interest in making recommendations
  3. Education
    1. Total Education – 17 hours instruction time (16 ASAC-approved education CEUS, 1 hour ASAC Ethics) plus 1 ASAC Annual Conference
      1. Allowance for substituting courses (except Ethics) from other organizations
        1. Subject to review by Accreditation Committee / Continuing Education Committee
    2. Currently-approved courses
      1. Agricultural Consulting Procedures (ASFMRA AAC2)
        1. Instructions Hours (24)
      2. Train-the-Trainer Seminar for Targeted Clients and Consulting Professionals (Wittman Consulting)
        1. Instruction Hours (8/16)
      3. Agricultural Consulting Practice Management (ASAC 410)
        1. Instruction Hours (8)
      4. Communications for Agricultural Consultants (ASAC 470) (Under development)
        1. Instruction Hours (8)
      5. Ethics for Agricultural Consultants (ASAC 490)
        1. Instruction Hours (1)
          1. Offered at ASAC Annual Conferences
          2. Not substitutable
      6. Accreditation Exam
        1. Planned to be scheduled the morning after Annual Conference
  4. Continuing Education Requirements for CAC cyclical re-certification
    1. Five-year Cycle
      1. Total Continuing Education Hours – 60 (Including 2 hours Ethics in each cycle)
      2. Attend 2 Annual Conferences (14 education hours + 2 hours Ethics will be earned)
      3. Complete 2 hours ASAC Ethics (fulfilled by attending 2 Annual Conferences; fulfils 2 of the total 60 education hours listed above

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