2024 Message from ASAC President

November 2023
Keith Dickinson, CFP®, CAC, RICP

As I begin my term as 2023-24 President of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC), I cannot help but start with a pause to reflect on the historical milestone that the Society has just completed. We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of ASAC with our Annual Conference, which was held in Fresno, California, as a commemoration of the location where ASAC was founded in 1963. As a lover of history, I have enjoyed learning more about the history of our Society and encourage all members to read through the brief recap found on the ASAC website.

As much as I love history, I recognize how critical it is for any organization to consistently and persistently look to the future. I want to commend our outgoing President, Pete Weisenberger, for his passion for growing the Society’s membership rolls during his term. We have added several new members in the past year. However, the job is not over. We must continue to seek to grow as a Society, both in number and in the diversity of our membership base. Agriculture is an increasingly diverse industry, in terms of who is participating in the industry, and in the types of information and technology that is necessary to remain competitive. Let’s keep up the momentum from the past year and continue to strive to add to the base.

If you are currently an ASAC member, I encourage you to get the full value for your membership.

  • Attend an annual conference. Our Meeting Committee Chair David Mielnicki is planning for a great meeting on November 3-5, 2024 in Ft. Myers, Florida. Go ahead and mark your calendars.
  • Participate in the educational webinars and ‘Shop Talk’ roundtable discussions that our Continuing Education Committee hosts throughout the year. Those roundtable discussions are strongest when we have a good representation of the diverse backgrounds and ideas that our members represent.
  • Get certified as a Certified Agricultural Consultant (CAC). It’s part of the ASAC brand and it’s a way to show that you are an Agricultural Consultant who is committed to the delivery of high quality consulting services with a focus on the best interests of your client.
  • Get involved in a committee. I don’t ask that you commit to more than one, but I do ask that you commit to at least one. A heavy load is lighter with many hands.
  • Recruit! We all encounter potential new or returning members on a regular basis in our line of work.

If you are reading this and are not currently an ASAC member, what’s stopping you from joining? We’d love to add your talent and experience to our group. If you’re not sure if ASAC is right for you, reach out to us here: https://www.agconsultants.org/contact.php .

Your Executive Committee:
Keith Dickinson – President
David Mielnicki – President-Elect
Abigail Majerus – Vice-President/Secretary
Russell Morgan – Chief Financial Officer
Pete Weisenberger – Past President

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